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Don’t ask yourself, “Is this normal?” Instead, ask yourself:

Is this healthy?

Is this good for me?

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Rodarte - Christian Louboutin Shoes



La crête du lis robe (2010)

Misogyny in Doctor Who



So, I’m sure all you bright young things have already worked this out, but a friend of mine just pointed out to me that if we’re really angry with Doctor Who for its misogyny, uncritical presentation of the Doctor as a colossal patriarch, creepy abusive relationship stuff with how he treats Clara etc., we can complain!

Here’s the link!  How amazing would it be if they got enough complaints that they actually had to change things?!


I was like, why didn’t that occur to me?  She said, well, that’s patriarchy for you.  It makes you feel powerless.  It was becausegoodheroesdeservekidneys, by the way.

If multiple people complain to the BBC via the official channels, they do actually have to at least acknowledge it. I wonder why we don’t see this link passed around more on Tumblr/Twitter? 

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twinning in baby the stars shine brights princess drop.


twinning in baby the stars shine brights princess drop.


October is tomorrow.

why the fuck is Darren Wilson still not arrested?

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"The Tardis…”

There are better ShipShipShips in the universe.


MBTI Under The Influence

INFPextremely affectionate
ESTJ: can’t hold their tongue; “chatty cathy”
ISFP: wants to hug everybody
ESFJloud and boisterous
ISFJ: type most likely to dial their ex
ENTP: comes up with crazy off-the-wall theories
ISTJ: “i’m horny, let’s have sex”
ENFP: social skills on steroids
INTP: likes to have deep conversations with people
ENTJ: contemplates the feeling of own intoxication
ISTP: impulsive “daredevil”
ENFJ: professes undying love to all of their friends
INFJ: finds everything hilarious
ESTP: tolerance for bullshit is even lower
INTJ: still the most rational person in the room
ESFP: wants to be the life of the party

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the doctor and rose favorite moments: journey’s end

↳ “Total TARDIS destruction in 10 rells. 9, 8, 7, 6… ”




lmao it’s almost a year later and still one of the things in fandom that makes me the angriest the fastest is people who try to explain the 50th as though anyone who doesn’t like it just didn’t understand it

Personally I love the “but the Doctor (Nine/Ten) still gets to go through all the angst so it didn’t erase anything!”

Oh gee, can they?  Because going through a personal hell for nothing is totally awesome.


"Nine’s story makes so much more sense after the 50th!!!"


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just saw a guy wearing a nirvana t-shirt lmfao i bet cant even name three noble truths of buddhism

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what exactly is 4chan



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